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"Gabi", Tirana's secondhand markets: the place for vintage clothes and organic food

Looking for something more 90's, 80's or even 70's to wear this winter?

Tirana is The place to be!

Secondhand markets are popping up like mushrooms in Tirana! You'll find stalls and shops selling secondhand clothes and shoes everywhere, from bright pink 90's ski-suites to flower power dresses and cowboy jeans... 


Village Food!

If your backpack is stuffed full of clothes, the market is the place to find rural products in the heart of Tirana. People come from the surrounding villages to sell fruit and vegetables from their own gardens, home-made honey, olive oil, fresh herbs, farm eggs and lots more. Buying their food helps the locals keep up with the big international supermarkets which are also popping up like mushrooms :-( ...



On this map we show you the two biggest secondhand markets of Tirana. Don't forget to bargain at least for half the price you're first given!

Bear in mind that some sellers still give the price in the old lek, which adds an extra '0'.

The best bargaining strategy is not to talk too much. Just ask "Sa?" (How much?)​ Never show your enthusiasm. Walk away if they don't go down in price and if you still want to buy the item, just come back :-) 

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